Quick Production Notes

Quick Production Notes

-Nicole Holt (producer) just confirmed filming days for 2 of our out-of-town talent we have to have in town at the same time for scenes.

-Nicole will fly in Mike Hettinga (Mike Knox in ECW) to play the part of the Prowler, while Chanel Ryan will play Ivie Proctor. They are scheduled to arrive on 7/8 to film 7/9 & 7/10, plus a few scenes for Chanel 7/11.

-Hopefully George Murdoch (Tsunami) will be available for rehearsal and one scene on 7/7 and the actual match 7/8 as planned. First he said he was available those days – now he’s telling us that he has to check and make sure he’s available.

-Our next out of town guest is Paul Lloyd Jr. (Lucha Underground’s PJ Black) – one of the male victims, and is scheduled to fly in end of July.

-Our last out of town guest (Tevita Fifity – another male victim) is currently on wrestling tour in Japan and Mexico. He will be available in August and we will touch base at the end of July to nail down a date.

-There are only very few things left to schedule and they are all with local talent (and our local Prowler Stunt double) and should not be too hard to line up.

Be sure to check back soon for more updates!

Our first day of filming!

Mascara de Azteq by Segio
Mascara de Azteq by Segio

Finally the big day arrived, the beginning of the first day of filming for our graphic novel adaptation of, “Azteq versus The Lonely Woods Prowler”. This past June 10th, during the VIP Wrestling event “Hard to Kill” en Arlington, Texas had a stellar line-up, including a match between Ray Rowe (Ring of Honor) versus Pentagon jr. (Lucha Underground) and we filmed our first scenes.

Azteq wrestling event
Official poster for the VIP Hard To Kill Wrestling Event

Aski: The Mayan Warrior portrays Azteq while New York native wrestler Franco D’Angelo gives life to the character of Prince Vlad before a real-life energetic crowd at the taping.

Azteq vs Prince Vlad - movie filming
Azteq vs. Prince Vlad

This independent film is directed by Jim DeVault, produced by Nicole Holt, and written by Roberto Mercado.

Roberto Mercado y Pentagon jr.
Roberto Mercado y Pentagon jr.